Marlon Ferdinand, known on the Poetry/Spoken word circuit as P.O.W. (Power of Words), speaks on the layers of life from a litany of viewpoints: As a retired Major after an illustrious 30 years in the military, R.N. and fire fighter/ paramedic, he speaks life. As a dedicated father of five and spiritual being having a human experience, he speaks longevity and balance.



P.O.W. first clenched the microphone as a pre-teen singing in church with a guitar. Today he shares his gift internationally, from the airways of  97.3 Afghanistan radio entitled “Captain Ferdinand’s Corner” to the to stages of London and Ecuador. Marlon has also impacted local radio with stations such as Miami Florida's 99 JAMZ, and HOT 105. Recently on NBC Channel  7, Miccosukee TV featured P.O.W., with a dedication to our military veterans entitled “This is for my Soldiers”.


A graduate of the University of Miami, School of Nursing, P.O.W’s mission has always been to lift the world's vibration, one act of love and mentorship at a time. It matters not what uniform, whether it be scrubs, bunker gear, camouflage or about to take the stage with a slanted fedora above his brow, P.O.W.’s presence will have power, a pleasing paragraph and purpose.